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Exosomeplus was founded in 2018 to drive an extracellular vesicle (EV) revolution, bringing the best EV isolation and characterization platform in the field of regenerative therapy to bear on research wide challenges faced by pharmaceutics industry.
Moving discovery from the lab to the real world,
Exosomeplus are forming strategic partnerships to
help companies integrate high purity exosomes into
targeting for greater efficacy, versatility and results.
Our decade of directed exosome and its application
R&D before establishment have resulted in more
than 10 patents and applications.
With a majority of our professional
staff and managements, advisory
board members having doctoral or
other higher degrees, our employees
bring extensive experience in our
target markets. Exosomeplus draws
on these human resources to serve
the needs of industry leaders in medical
science with our core technology capabilities.


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